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New to B2C - Daedalus Books

Infogroup welcomes Daedalus Books to list management.

Reach upscale, educated direct mail buyers from Daedalus Books—23,000 Last 5 Month Buyers. These avid readers are homeowners and college graduates and select from a wide assortment of books.

With the Daedalus Books mailing list, marketers gain access to mature, well-educated and affluent consumers. These mail order buyers spend an average of $28 to purchase from Daedalus' collection of books on topics such as contemporary fiction, history, fine and performing arts, nature and science, children's literature, current affairs, biographies and gardening.

Daedalus Books is currently working successfully for marketers of books, magazines, home décor, gifts/collectibles, audio/video, general merchandise, art/culture and fundraising.

For more information contact Elyssa Cunningham at 402.836.5720.