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eBooks & White Papers

How to Select a Data Vendor That is a Perfect Fit for Your Marketing Objectives

This is the best time in marketing history to focus on finding good sources of data. Recognized author and marketing consultant, Ruth P. Stevens, walks you through the steps to finding the perfect data partner. 

Your target audience is the single most important driver of campaign results, accounting for as much as 50% of response. If you are contacting the wrong person, even the most persuasive message and compelling offer will fall on deaf ears. Without complete and accurate data about customers and prospects, you are leaving money on the table.

Many exciting new sources and uses of data have emerged that make it easier than ever to identify prospective customers and gain rich insight into current customers. It’s the perfect time to find a data vendor. But how?

7 Key Insights into Evolution of Data Driven Marketing

Marketers are seeing an increasing need for sophisticated data to support campaigns that are multichannel, personalized, automated, and most important, effective. As a result, data technology solutions are now a nearly universal part of every marketer’s arsenal across the industry. From data warehousing, cleansing, real-time data platforms, and automation, marketers continue to increase their investment in data technology. This whitepaper highlights where marketers are putting their data dollars, anticipated challenges and recommendations for effective data strategies.  

How Data Quality Drives Today's Digital Marketing Success

Behind all of today's digital marketing buzzwords, there is one development making it all possible - the exponential growth in quality data available to drive digital campaigns. What are the fundamentals you need to follow to take advantage of the latest digital marketing trends? This whitepaper has everything you need to know, including choosing right date to support micro-targeting, incorporating behavioral data, developing successful mobile strategies and much more.


Hacking the System - How to Unlock Digital Marketing's Great Potential (Infographic)

How are B2B marketers adapting to the new demands of a growing digital marketplace? Messages are becoming more personalized, automated and better targeted – are you keeping up? This Infographic dives into the numbers to reveal the latest trends and the most important data strategies dictating success.

Getting Personal With Your B2B Prospects: 5 Best Practices for Data-Driven Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

B2B marketers face an influx of data and a growing number of channels that their customers are using to make buying decisions. How can you make sure your data-driven multichannel campaigns result in more business and closed deals? This eBook will be your guide to navigating challenges caused by a rapidly changing B2B marketplace.


Big Data's Big Payday

Get an intriguing snapshot of the biggest trends in data-driven marketing along with Infogroup’s “10 Commandments of Big Data ROI”.


Beyond the Email Blast: Revitalizing B2B Email Marketing

Email is firmly established as an indispensable part of B2B marketing. It is one of the most effective, efficient ways to gain new leads. But as every marketer knows, email has its drawbacks. The deluge of electronic messages one gets on a daily basis can often be unmanageable and email fatigue can quickly set in. This eBook highlights simple ways to avoid the dreaded “unsubscribe” by improving the health of your email list, incorporating advanced targeting techniques, responding to feedback instantly, and much more. 

Making Your Data Pay: 5 Keys To Building A Successful Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Savvy marketers know that success in today’s competitive marketplace comes from an effective multichannel strategy that is driven by the right data. However, the current proliferation of digital channels has led to a never-before-seen increase in data collection. This eBook highlights some simple steps marketers can take to make sense of these bits & bytes of data and then build successful multichannel campaigns.

Email Marketing: Optimization Takes Personalization

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, email marketing is no longer a straightforward process. As consumer attention spans shorten and digital purchase options multiply, it is crucial that your email marketing strategy stays relevant. This whitepaper will highlight all aspects of email marketing for the modern marketer including optimization, personalization and much more.

Database Marketing: Collecting Data vs. Making Data-Driven Decisions

Smart marketers know that data-driven marketing is key to personalized and efficient marketing. This whitepaper will highlight how to transform data into insight, importance of data hygiene and nuances of the multichannel environment.